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Sajjan Jindal Rape Case: Closure Report Filed, Allegations Declared False

Industrialist Sajjan Jindal, Managing Director of JSW Group, was recently embroiled in a controversy that has now been seemingly resolved. A rape case filed against him by a woman has been declared false by the Mumbai Police.

The Allegation:

The woman, who remains unnamed, accused Jindal of sexual assault on the promise of marriage. The alleged incident occurred in January 2022. She further claimed Jindal apologized but later threatened her and blocked communication.

Seeking Justice:

Dissatisfied with the initial police response, the woman, represented by lawyers Rizwan Merchant and Gayatri Gokhale, approached the Bombay High Court. The court’s intervention prompted the summoning of senior police inspectors from three Mumbai police stations, who faced criticism for their lax investigation.

Case Closed:

The Mumbai Police submitted a closure report to the Bandra Metropolitan Magistrate Court, declaring the rape accusation against Jindal “false” and a possible attempt to frame him. However, the court has directed the police to complete the investigation within two months as mandated by law.

Sajjan Jindal’s Response:

A statement issued on Jindal’s behalf called the allegation “baseless and untrue.” It emphasized full cooperation with the investigation but refrained from further comment due to the ongoing nature of the case.


The Mumbai Police declaring the rape accusation against Jindal false marks a significant development in this case. While the investigation remains incomplete as per the court’s directive, this development signifies a potential vindication for Jindal. It is important to remember that due process should always be followed, and the presumption of innocence remains until proven guilty.

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